Steve Jobs Has Customer's Complaint Sorted

jobslaffanahalf.jpgBen Gray over at Openswitch was having a tough time with Apple. He was a PC man, he saw the light and decided to take the plunge. Only, he found himself plunging neck deep into a royal pain in the ass. Having ordered an iMac, Ben received two defective models and one machine that was shipped with the incorrect amount of RAM. The shenanigans took place across three-weeks, all the while Ben was left stranded without a computer he needed for work. At that point, there was no two ways about it; he was better off with his PC (oh, it hurts again). So what did Ben do? Did he get his knickers in a twist like we would have? No, he wrote Steve an email.The original email, below, obviously made an impression on his royal Steveness. A representative from Steve's office gave Ben a call. After a chat regarding the situation, Steve's man told Ben he was in place to offer compensation. Steve's office understood the hassle Ben had been put through and they wanted to make it right—so they offered him an iPod for free! So, if you have had a three-week wait at the hands of Apple, drop Steve a line and grab yourself an iPod for your troubles... I wonder if I'll get a free Zune if I tell Bill my PC has been blue screening for three-weeks straight. Oh wait, that's not a PC, that's a bookend—my bad. 1449233435_d1a8163409_o.png [Openswitch]

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