Sprint's WiMax Gear To Hit at Full Price, No Contract

xohm.pngBarry West, president of Sprint's Wimax "Xohm" group revealed a curious thing today at his Wimax World 2007 Keynote: When they start selling Wimax gear next year, it won't be subsidized, but it also won't have an associated contract. This makes sense, considering the xohm website's puffy manifesto to Wimax-ify more than just computers and handsets, but mp3 players and other gadgets that wouldn't feel right with service contracts. He also mentioned that pricing for services will be announced next year, as we'd assume, device prices, and that service will be set into tiers for different data rates. Speeds'll be in the 3-5Mb range, and uploads at 1-2Mb/s. Can't wait for my 5Mb/s toaster downloads, even if I'm not really sure how that'll affect the rest of my breakfast. [TG Daily]

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