SpongeBob Soaks Up New Nickelodeon Npower Series

SpongeBob_MP3.jpg We got a chance to see Nickelodeon's new Npower line of consumer electronics at ShowStoppers at DigitalLife. The clear winners in my mind were the Flash Micro Digital Camera, complete with de-pantsing ability, the all-eyes Digital Music Player, and the fist-friendly Clock-it alarm clock. Sorry, Dora the Explorer just wasn't cutting it for me. Check the annotated gallery below to see more. Nickelodeon Npower

SpongeBob MP3 PlayerMusic Mixer - Plays sound effects over musicMore SpongeBob FusionSpongeBob Fusion Player - VideoSpongeBob Fusion PlayerSpongeBob Digital CameraSpongeBob Alarm ClockSpongeBob LCDSpongeBob MicroDigital CameraSpongeBob Camera - Pants Off!SpongeBob AlarmSpongeBob Micro Cam - Back

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