Sony's Tall Omnidirectional Speaker is Cool Looking, Vague

sonyartspeaker.jpgSony showed off this crazy omnidirectional speaker in Japan yesterday, and due to Google's always-amazing machine translation, I don't really get how it works. Why don't I just let the translation do the talking? Perhaps you can figure out what the hell it means. Check it after the jump.


When it fits in classification of usual speaker, it can express 3 way 3 speakers. The tubular part whose lower part is black has become the woofer, the bus reflex duct directing to the land, it is provided in the downward look.

In the part which is supported with central 4 these supports, being installed in the downward look is mid range unit. As for the part of the transparent pole which is on the opposite side the acrylic resin (the organic glass) make with, this transparent pole becomes the diaphragm, bears the function of the tweeter.

The transparent pole is high, because spread width of sound to top and bottom direction of the tweeter is wide, being able to obtain the volume where attenuation of sound is little, feeling is good being wherever of the interior is a special feature. We have become the active speaker, you say that the digital amplifier is equipped inside.

Well, it certainly looks cool! [Impress]

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