Sony's L-Type Vaios Bring Three Kinds of Sexiness to your Home

LT80DB_70DB_90S_o_.jpgSony's latest range of Vaio PCs, the L-Type, look to be a pretty sexy proposition. Top dog is the LT, with a 22-inch screen that you can wall mount and watch digital and analogue TV on. The LM is 19 inches and does digital TV, while the LJ is a 15.4-inch desktop model with a neat flippy keyboard. They're out in Japan on October 6 and you'll find a bit more beef on them below the gallery.


LT Series 22-inch LCD screen Subwoofer with improved low register 1.3-Megapixel webcam Digital and analogue broadcast tuners Vaio Video Explorer Blu-ray (VGC-LT80DB model only) 1680 × 1050 resolution Intel Core 2 Duo processor 5-button mouse From 370,000¥ and under ($3218)

LM Series 19-inch LCD screen 1440 x 900 resolution Intel core 2 Duo processor 500GB HDD superior digital broadcast tuner (VGC-LM70DB model only) Windows Vista 260,000Â¥ and under ($2261)

LJ series 15.4-inch LCD screen 1280 x 800 resolution Hinged keyboard that folds up SoundFLOW music software "Chestnut attaching button" (answers on a postcard, please) Comes in Pink, Cosmic Black and Everwhite Intel GL960 Express chip 200GB HDD 5.3 kilos Windows Vista Between 200,000Â¥ and 170,000Â¥ ($1739 and $1478) [Ascii and Impress]

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