Sony Rolly on Sale in Japan Sept 29th, comes with Annoying Video

rolly1.jpgSo, Sony's dancing Rolly is finally out today, after all that crazy hype. And I looked at it from all angles, sat through an arse-numbingly too-cool-for-school video &mdash feel free to indulge yourselves below &mdash and thought, do you know what? The egg-shaped dancing MP3 and ATRAC player looks like a small clone of the Miuro robot speaker.


The Rolly is motion-controlled, having sensors that know which way is up. You can fiddle with the volume by turning the player clockwise or anti-clockwise, and you can skip or repeat tracks by either rolling the player forwards or backwards, or shaking it. You can download dance moves to the Rolly, but there will also be software available to allow you to make up your own Rolly moves on your computer.

At $351, the Rolly is around three times cheaper than the Miuro, and it gives you the lumière to go with the son, but there's something a bit pedestrian about Sony's design, IMHO. Other "Mmmmmm... No!" features include a titchy 1GB memory, although you can hook it up via Bluetooth to play tunes from your computer. Incidentally, you get five hours of battery time using the internal memory, and four and a half if you use Bluetooth.

To add insult to injury, Sony is selling the carrying case and charging cradle separately, for $17.50 and $35 respectively. I can't decide whether I think that Sony will roll this product out worldwide or not, but I would have thought it would sell well everywhere. [Impress through Google Translate]

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