Sony Releases New Stereos With Hard Drive Love

sonynas-m95hd-lg.jpgEven though Sony probably had the technology lined up fifteen years ago, they've just announced that hard drives will be added in an update to their NETJUKE product line (Japan only). Running $529, $705 and $1,058 the D55HD, M75HD, and M95HD will support MP3 ripping to a hard drive starting ranging from 80-250GB. Each model supports ethernet and DLNA streaming, along with full downloadable album art that should look gorgeous on the 4.3-inch LCD display. But Sony has also given a nod to their older technologies in their new lineup.

For instance, their M75HD and M95HD will both support minidiscs. And all three players will continue to support their now phased-out ATRAC service. It's a move to support backwards compatibility that companies like Microsoft ignore (just look at Plays4Sure and the Zune).

Of course, the systems also support the new Walkman players, along with the ability to sync music tracks. While the verdict is still out on how these low wattage systems will actually sound, I'm digging the open platform and decent-looking design. I just wish they were around a few years before iWent so iCrazy with my music collection. [electonista]

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