Sony Releases Colorful Vaio FZs Designed by Maya Hayuk

SONY_1.jpgSony's latest Vaio is a limited edition FZ designed by New York artist Maya Vayuk. There are a couple of designs to choose from: the flower power-esque Grow; and the trippier Never Stop. Each laptop has co-ordinating wallpaper, a limited-edition etching, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Maya herself. The Blu-ray recorder laptop will cost you, though:


Just 600 of these $2,500 special edition machines have been made. They sport a 15.4-inch screen, Blu-ray Disc optical drive, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, XBRITE-HiColor technology and NVIDIA GeForce 8400GT graphics. They should be shipping on Friday. [SonyStyle via ]

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