Smart Drive System Takes Big Knobs In Cars To Its Logical Conclusion

smart_drive2.jpgWith big knobs in cars that control the audio system being all the rage these days, designer Hao-Chun Huang wants to take the knob joke all the way to its logical conclusion and make a super, all-purpose metallic knob to control everything in your vehicle.smart_drive.jpgNot only does this smart drive concept tilt, turn, and swirl, but there's volume buttons, menu buttons, input controls, output controls, and just about everything you could want in a big knob sitting next to the driver's seat. Of course, all that stylish design is wasted since it's next to your seat and not where you can see it. We're glad this thing is just a design and not actually for sale, because the last time we were fiddling with our knob on the freeway we got pulled over by a moustachioed highway patrolman. Let's just say that we got out of that ticket, but it wasn't pretty. No sir. [Yanko Design]

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