Sharp's Multitouch New LCD Panel Can Go Up to 12 Inches (I Smell an Apple Multitouch Tablet)

sharptouch.jpg Those manufacturers of multitouch devices of the high visual quality and resilience of the iPhone's might have another option from Sharp. According to Impress, the LCD veterans have made a 3.5 inch, 480 x 320 screen, capable of multitouch. These can be made up to 12 inches in diagonal size. Perfect for a portable.


Sources of mine have speculated that the iPhone's German-made Balda screens fail at anything much larger than iPhone sizes, potentially one roadblock in a multitouch display/tablet from Apple. Sharp LCDs are some of the best out there, with Samsung. But they have been known to have uneven backlighting. I wonder if they can keep the quality up once these start going into mass production. [Impress]

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