Scarface Assault Rifle Light, Everyone's Little Friend

tonyrere.jpgWe always thought the Scarface movie needed a desk lamp to honour it. The time of reckoning hath come; check out this totally awesome Scarface branded lamp.

The desk light consists of a silver painted base with three replica bullets attached to its surface. The lamp's pole is none other than a replica of everyone's little friend, the M16A1 assault rifle. Sweet. The lampshade atop depicts a scene of cinematic genius where Montana takes on the world; he ultimately loses, but man, did he make losing look good or what? At $44.98, having your favourite drug smuggling warlord adorning your décor surprisingly comes fairly cheap. Now remember kids; guns are bad. Worse still, is the senseless glorification of the underworld mafia scene—it will get you killed if you get involved, and you'll also end up shooting your best friend along the way, which is just plain unacceptable. Mind you, Manny was a bit too annoyingly tall to have as a brother-in-law...tough call. [Product Page via Ubergizmo] .

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