Samsung's DLP Projector Gives 1080p, Looks Like Alien's Head

samsung-projector.jpg"Move away from her, you bitch!" yelled the booth babe when I started getting a bit too close to Samsung's SP-A800B DLP projector. Not surprising, really, because the beast is bea-utiful, and I was dribbling a bit. It's big, measuring 17 x 8.3 x 18.8 inches &mdash there's also a smaller one, with 13.5 x 6.3 x 13.6-inch dimensions for all the non-size queens amongst you. So, how was it?


Samsung had put up a home cinema, so in I went and braved the movie version of Phantom of the Opera &mdash yes, it was brave of me &mdash to see the SP-A800B in action. And do you know what? It kicked ass. This projector was not a case of style over substance, actually, it was very good quality - and on a big screen.

So, how much will this projector cost. Out in Yurp in October, the SP-A800B will cost 4999€ - that's $6,818 - and the smaller SP-400B a more manageable 1499€, or $2044. And a Samsung guy from the States said to expect pretty much the same kind of price over here.

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