Samsung 69 Series Offers Sweet 120Hz Video for Lower Price

samsung_ln_fseries.jpgTake a look at the new Samsung 69 series (LN-T4069F) of 120Hz LCDs just announced here at CEDIA, taking 40-inch and 46-inch 1080p screens slightly downmarket from the company's high-end TVs. But these cheaper models thankfully lack one downside we've noticed: that glossy screen on the higher-end TVs reflects everything in sight. Sammy calls it a Super Clear panel, but we tend to refer to it as "super-glare."

This new line delivers those 120Hz smooth-moving pics to those who have about $200 less moo-laa available for such things, but boasts a slightly lower contrast ratio for that reduced price. If you like that high-contrasty look with a shiny screen—say, you don't have a lot of bright lights or windows in the back of your TV room—you might want to opt for Samsung's upscale 71 series, but for the rest of us, these two lower-priced screens might do the trick.

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