RoFo Headgear Sure Does Make You Look Cool, Drunk

roforobot.jpgYou're looking at the RoFo INFOGADG Headgear sitting atop the head of a man who's not afraid to cover his dignity in silver facepaint and post it on the internet. The RoFo Headgear is essentially a silly hat that can hold 5 pints of beer, or whatever other beverage you deem worthy of toting around on your head, and makes you look like a supreme jackass. It doesn't just come in the above robot model, either! No, there are 12 different models to choose from, all equally dumb looking. Walk with me.


My personal favourite might be the motorcycle, as it just makes so much sense. Any of these can be yours for a mere $30. [Rofo Headgear via Coolest Gadgets]

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