RFID Chips May Cause Tumours

VERICHIP.JPGWe guess some technology is just too bad to be true. Because despite being approved by the FDA back in 2005, RFID chips were shown to cause animal tumours—in a number of studies—back in the mid 90s. So are the studies bunk? Not necessarily, because the AP has consulted "leading cancer specialists" who feel the findings are a red flag. But the plot thickens...

In 2005, two weeks following the approval of VeriChip Corp's RFID chips, FDA overseer Tommy Thompson left the FDA. And five months later he ended up on the board of VeriChip Corp. Coincidence? Honestly, we're not sure.

While most of us fear the Big Brother aspects of RFID, the positive medical prospects are quite promising. You know, if they don't cause gigantic tumors in the 2,000 people who currently have implants. [AP via engadget]

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