Respect The Old School Cane, For Punk Kid Smackdowns

respectoldskool.jpgSome of us old cane-carrying codgers don't get no respect, we don't get no respect at all. That's why we need this cane with a RESPECT stamp on the business end, leaving a mark on those punk whippersnappers who want to disrespect us with their "rap music" and hepcat attitudes. Well sir, those days are gone, yessiree, because some enterprising young designer has created this Respect the Old School cane. As soon as its curmudgeonly carrier (who hasn't learned yet that respect can't be commanded, it must be earned) wants to stamp down those who don't bow at his feet, all he needs to do is take the self-inking cover off the bottom of this cane and get to stamping. Seems like an innovative design concept. [Glueglue Design, via Notcot]


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