Readers Get to Play With Real AT4 Anti-Armour Bazooka While Brian Keeps Playing Halo 3

A Giz reader got us this video of his friends playing with an AT4, the preferred anti-armour bazookas of sweet svenska valkyries: the AT4 is manufactured by swedish SAAB and beyond looking fun, what is interesting is his description about the feeling of firing one. And no, it's not what you expect from the movies:

When it shoots it is the loudest thing you can imagine. I have shot all ort of small arms and even the LAW and TOW, but this AT4 takes the cake. The entire contraption sits on your shoulder. None of this "whoosh" like on the movies where they make sounds for entertainment value (see the M16 with silencer: ). This is a BANG, the air around you is instantly heated from 50F to about 100F, and you feel like you blacked out for second. When I looked at my target there were hot metal shards exploding like a 4th of July fireworks spectacular.


I want one. I don't know what I would shoot with it yet, but I'm sure I'll get some neighbours ideas. [Thanks Eric]

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