R2D2 Webcam/Skype Phone Doubles Up As Buddy/Partner

r2_webcam.jpgCan there ever be too many R2D2 inspired gadgets? No, it is impossible, as proven by this orgasm worthy R2D2 webcam, by Hammacher Schlemmer.

The camera might not scream great picture quality at 628x528 resolution, but there are so many reasons why this R2D2 rendition kicks geek gadget butt. The obligatory beeping sounds are all preset, along with the Star Wars soundtrack. Digital photos and voice recorder functions are also included. Further, the device is wireless meaning it will not need to be on a leash connected to your laptop. The supplied remote control, which is kick-ass because it is shaped as a light saber, allows you to control R2D2's movements. Yes it moves, in four glorious planes! If that kind of control is not remote enough for you, there is also an option to manage the righteous robot via the web. Worried it may take a tumble from the great heights off your desk? Don't; Hammacher Schlemmer has managed to incorporate a sensor to protect your $349.95 investments from such tumbling travesties. The light saber remote can also be packed with you on your journeys away from R2D2, as it doubles up as a sweet Skype handset.

If you are a little wet in the pants from reading all this you are probably not too fussed about the $349.95 price tag, but we think it is a little steep. Unless, of course, you intend on marrying and having some kids with R/C R2D2. Lets face it, no one this side of the human species is going to consider you as a potential procreation partner, certainly not for a measly $349.95, anyway. Set for a release date of 21/09/07, pre-orders are being taken now. [Product Page via Oh Gizmo!] .

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