Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music

plantronics8551.jpgPlantronics' latest headset, the Voyager 855, may look like a normal headset, but it actually allows you to be twice as dorky-looking with an add-on earbud attachment to turn it into a stereo headset for music. That's right, the 855 supports A2DP, and you can activate stereo mode by just plugging in the earbud cable, wrapping it around your neck and sticking it in your other ear.plantronics8552.jpgAs for regular call functionality, there's AudioIQ noise reduction on board, as well as a few custom earbuds sizes and additional hooks for customisation. It lasts up to 7 hours talk time, 5 hours of music listening time, 120 hours of standby, and weighs 10 grams (15 grams with the stereo cable). Price? $US149 in October.

This is actually a pretty good idea, allowing you to look somewhat normal with the standard headset, but plug in when you want to rock out to music. Best of both worlds, you could say (if you wanted to be a dork and work in a reference to how Bluetooth headsets are Borg-like). [Plantronics]

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