Photoshop Contest Time! Insert Bill Gates Throughout History.

billgateshalo3.jpgWe all know that the Halo 3 launch yesterday was THE BIGGEST EVENT IN HISTORY, according to Microsoft. Above, you can see a photo of Billy Gates during the launch, looking like he just rolled out of bed. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is this: put Bill in other historic situations. I feel that the above photo really lends itself to chopping, but feel free to use any picture you can find of him as well. As with our past Photoshop contests, there's no prize other than the glory that comes with your work being seen in our winners gallery. But isn't that enough?

AU: If you fling an effort off to the mothership on this one (email address below), send it our way too. We want to see how many Aussies are up for a bit of Photoshop fun. If there's enough of you into it, we'll do a few of our own in future.

We're looking for humor and quality, and those that exhibit both will be selected. Send your submissions to [email protected] with "Bill Gates Photoshop" in the subject and your files named as FirstnameLastname.jpg (mine would be AdamFrucci.jpg, for example, or AdamFrucci1.jpg and AdamFrucci2.jpg if I submitted more than one). Send 'em by the weekend, and the gallery of champions will be posted early next week. Get to it, team! [Image via Seattle PI]

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