Parrot RK8200 Bluetooth Car Stereo Ditches the CD

parrot-rk8200b.jpegParrot's known for bluetooth gear, not car audio. That's likely why there's no CD player in this headset, nor is there XM receiver, or tape deck. The faceplate's internals house a bluetooth receiver with A2DP stereo streaming, a USB slot, and space for 300 mp3s, which is probably a GB or two of memory. The system also works as a hands-free set, and can sync your phone's phonebook. Since there's no need for motors or lasers or magnetic tape heads, there's a mini cavern good for stashing stuff like the phone you're streaming audio from. Of course, most modern cars aren't really stereo-swap friendly, and it kills resale to swap out anyhow. I'll stick with a hands-free set that clips onto the visor. [AudioJunkies]

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