Panasonic Rolls Out 720 AX200 Projector Designed for Gaming, Also Updates 1080p AE2000

panasonic_ax200_angle.jpgPanasonic announced an update to its AX line of 720p projectors today, and this one's the AX200, specially designed for gamers with significantly increased response time. Panasonic says it has improved the projector's signal processing, so the time between pressing a button on a gaming controller and the results showing up on the screen is much quicker than ever. In fact, this is the first projector created with gaming in mind.panasonic_ax200.jpg

This baby also lets you see better into those murky dark areas so you can frag those villains with increased confidence and reckless abandon. It's also a respectable home theater projector, and includes Panasonic's "light harmonizer" that adjusts brightness to the room's ambient light. To be released at the end of September, the company said the price hasn't been announced yet for the AX200, but expect it to cost around $US2000 on the street.

There was another projector announced today, and this one's a 1080p model. Aimed more at the home cinema crowd, the AE2000 is the next generation of the projector that we rated highly, Panasonic's AE1000, except this one gooses up the contrast ratio to 15,000:1, compared to the 11,000:1 of its predecessor. The lumen count is up, too, nearly 50% to 1500 lumens from 1100 before. The best news is that the price will probably be just about the same as the AE1000: a nice low figure in the range of $usus3000, available in the middle of October. Better specs, same price: ain't technology wonderful?

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