Palm Teaser Page Says Something This Way Cometh

Palm Teaser Page Says Something This Way Cometh
palmteaser.jpgThe European Palm site has dropped a teaser page concerning the new Palm smartphone. The page indicates the 12/09/07, but does not specify whether this will be a launch date or not. Specifically it states:

“The new Palm smartphone. The word is, it’s great for email, mobile internet, instant messaging, text and – with a full keyboard – saying what you really mean… Sign up now and you’ll be the first to know all about the latest cool phone from Palm on 12th September 2007.”

The page invites residents of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy to enter a competition in which they can win five new smartphones, for themselves and friends. (It is unlikely you guys stateside will be getting any sugar on the 12th). Post entering the prize draw, the note of thanks includes the following:

“Remember to check your inbox on 12th September for more details of our great new smartphone.”

Naturally, we are thinking the Palm Centro, leaked pictures of which we brought you last week. At present, that is only speculation and we will find out for certain come 12/09. Oh, it’s going to be a jolly good month for shiny new stuff—we just can’t wait! [Teaser Page via Palm Infocenter] .