Nippon Airways Readying Wireless Flight Check-In System

Nippon.jpgJapan's Nippon Airways are set to implement a wireless check-in system to ease the usually lengthy process. The scheme, dubbed SKIP!, shall be trialed next month and will allow passengers to check in using a microchip, containing personal information, they are issued with before flying.

Passengers may book their tickets via the Internet using either a computer or mobile phone. The ticket, once issued, can then be downloaded to either a supplied IC-chip enabled mileage card or a compatible mobile phone. On arrival at the airport the mobile phone, or IC-card, is passed across a scanner and the traveller is then all set for the security line checks. That's it! Getting rid of check-in sounds like an awesome idea, but it seems this system may open up unnecessary security risks. Then again, given there are security measures post check-in anyway, it probably is not that much of an issue. Less waiting around sounds good to us; being out in the open, away from power sockets, is frankly too much for us to handle. [Boy Genius Reports] .

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