NextG HSUPA update rumour firming: next week?

NextG_Network.jpgWe've had a few more tipsters share their knowledge on the upcoming NextG speed bump, along with firmer details on what you can expect from the update. One point is downgraded - uplink at 1.9Mbit, not 3Mbit. Still superior to wired uplink speeds.

- 7.2Mbit down, but we're now hearing 1.9Mbit up. - A Sierra wireless USB card will be the first HSUPA device to launch. - 70% of current units, based on 6820 chipset, will be firmware upgradeable. - New pricing to coincide with the release (that's a price drop). - Possibly as early as next week.

Thanks to those who've helped firm this up. With multiple sources now, we're pretty confident this is only a matter of whether it is set for next week or the week after?

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