New Maxtor OneTouch 4 Drives Are Metallic, Sexy, Storage-y

New Maxtor OneTouch 4 Drives Are Metallic, Sexy, Storage-y

maxtoronetouch.jpgSeagate’s Maxtor OneTouch line is getting an upgrade, with three new models in the OneTouch 4 series: OneTouch 4 ($US100 for 250GB, $US170 for 500GB, $US270 for 750GB), OneTouch 4 Plus ($US130 for 250GB up to $US360 for 1TB) and the OneTouch 4 Mini ($US100 for 80GB, $US120 for 120GB and $US150 for 160GB). Besides looking all serious and anodized, they boast a new software feature, SafetyDrill, a “bare metal system restore” which Seagate touts as a “nearly instantaneous restoration of an entire computer.” They’re also quieter, cooler running and sport spiffier drive protection mechanisms. Full press release after the jump.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.-September 5, 2007-Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today introduced the next generation of the company’s award winning Maxtor OneTouchâ„¢ products. Built on a long tradition of experience with simple and robust storage solutions, the new Maxtor OneTouch 4 family makes data protection and security effortless with innovative, easy-to-use software tools that make a once complex task, simple. These intuitive new tools, which are now integrated into the Maxtor OneTouch 4 family of products, include: the ability to perform multiple-computer data synchronization, drag-and-drop encryption and a bare metal system restore. In the event of a fatal crash or virus attack, Maxtor’s SafetyDrillâ„¢, the new bare metal system restore feature, allows the nearly instantaneous restoration of an entire computer ensuring access to files even in a time of crisis. With an unparalleled standard 5-year limited warranty, anyone who is concerned about data protection now has a solution to provide the peace of mind that theirs is safe and secure.

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 family sports a new industrial design that conveys security and an enhanced interface to provide a new level of consistency and ease of use. The new high-capacity Maxtor OneTouch 4 family is visually reassuring with its aesthetically appealing “vault-like” appearance that compliments any home or office setting. Reinforcing Seagate’s commitment to providing durable and innovative storage solutions, these good looking reliable data protectors feature improved acoustics, optimized convection cooling systems, and an inner disc drive casing and shock mounts for additional drive protection.

“As a leader in consumer storage and backup solutions, it’s our job to protect the important digital files that are an essential piece of our customers’ lives. Our years of safeguarding digital assets have taught us that data backup and protection needs to be virtually effortless for the consumer to adopt,” said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. “We’ve engineered our new Maxtor OneTouch 4 family of storage solutions from the ground up to be the easiest, most trustworthy way to back up and store digital media, business data and personal information even in the most demanding environments. Whether you’re a consumer with treasured digital photos, creative professional with valuable digital assets, business traveler with confidential company documents or simply serious about data protection, you can use our trusted, intuitive storage solutions and know that Seagate is saving your life’s work.”

In addition to automatically backing up on a set schedule or with the touch of a button with the Maxtor Backup software suite, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus and Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini both include Maxtor SafetyDrillâ„¢. This new, innovative software feature, for computers running Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows® Vista operating systems, allows the complete recovery of your local hard drive’s contents in the event of a system crash or virus attack. After the simple installation and set up of the pre-loaded software, you are prepared for the worst. At a time of system failure, simply boot from the included SafetyDrill Recovery CD and SafetyDrill takes over. The software will automatically find the Maxtor OneTouch 4 on your system and format, partition and restore everything including the operating system, applications, personal content, settings and even replace the icons on the desktop. All this is done to get your system up and running with minimal downtime and frustration. Without the CD, SafetyDrill can still be initiated by simply going to any Internet-connected computer with a CD/DVD burner to create a new disc.

Because of privacy concerns, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus and the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini storage solutions include two levels of security to guard against unauthorized use of a lost or stolen drive. Maxtor Encryption creates a password-protected folder that is safe and reliable as well as easy to use. To encrypt: simply drag and drop sensitive data into the 256bit AES encrypted folder and the data is automatically encrypted. To decrypt: simply open the folder, enter your password and drag the files out. For added protection, Maxtor DrivePassâ„¢ (formerly Maxtor DriveLockâ„¢) is an embedded firmware feature that further restricts data access even if the internal hard drive is removed and attached to another computer.

With the new enhanced synchronization function that allows multiple sync paths, business travelers can be sure that both their home and office computers are up-to-date with the latest files and new digital content. Finally, we encompass all of this software in a simple, intuitive user-interface called Maxtor OneTouch Manager, to run the automated backup scheduling, specific file restoration, sync, security, drive and power management on computers running either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X operating systems.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus
For everyone with data-protection needs that is looking for an elegantly simple, full-featured backup and storage solution, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus sports a new vault-like industrial design that conveys security and protection. The elegant colour scheme and design make it a good fit in any home or office setting. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) are: $usus129.99 for 250GB, $usus199.99 for 500GB, $usus289.99 for 750GB and $usus359.99 for 1TB (availability for 1TB capacity is set for late October).

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini
Offering the same protection as the desktop model in a travel friendly, compact design, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini is the first mobile storage solution that ships with this full suite of software protection tools. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) are: $usus99.99 for 80GB, $usus119.99 for 120GB and $usus149.99 for 160GB.

Maxtor OneTouch 4
For consumers who need a simple solution with a classic design for Mac or PC, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 makes it easier to set up and manage data backup, file archiving and system settings with a new easy-to-use user interface. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) are: $usus99.99 for 250GB, $usus169.99 for 500GB, and $usus269.99 for 750GB.

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 family is available now – with the exception of the 1TB OneTouch 4 Plus – at major r etailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus will ship in late October. Please visit for more information, including local distribution channels and retail outlets.