New iPod Nano Picture; Mock-Up Or Apple Cock-Up?

nanomock.jpgHold on to your proverbial horses, this is nothing official, but it is an interesting looking mock-up nonetheless. We are going with mock-up because:

The Apple legal team has not contacted us, the source, Alflennierlandsen, has given no explanation of how he happened upon the image and finally, the blogger has an unusually lengthy name/handle. Based on those three facts, we are sticking to our verdict. Also, we are pretty confident our PS work is more likely to be closer to the real deal, but they do look a tad similar...

We can say one thing for sure; that hand definitely does not belong to our smashing Addy, given the lack of any electric coloured nail polish. We shall find out the truth soon enough, but until then, what do you guys make of it? [broken flicker]

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