New Enterprise Hard Drives From Seagate: Encrypted, Faster and Stronger

barracudaFDE.jpgThe Seagate hard drive barrage continues with a triplet of new enterprise hard drives. First up is the Barracuda FDE, a 7200 rpm drive which offers native full hard drive encryption using AES. It'll be available in capacities up to 1TB in 2008. Next up:

Seagate's touting its newest Cheetah drive, the 15k.6, as "the highest-performance drive ever in a 3.5-inch form factor" with lower power consumption (hopefully less noise, too) and a 28-percent boost in sustained data transfer rates. It'll be available in 147, 300 and 450GB flavors.

Rounding out the three is a perpendicular recording notebook drive, the Momentus 5400.4, which features capacities up to 250GB on two platters. Seagate claims it'll withstand up to 325 Gs of shock during operation and 900 during non-operation—sounds like a challenge to us. It's set to ship by the end of the year. [Seagate, Seagate]

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