New Au Infobars Shave Corners, Just Need Lube

infobars.jpgAu's Infobar 2 is hitting the streets in Japan in November. Impress describes it as "Square it was and the form like whether the candy dissolved in the mouth and had roundness of," which makes me certain that it was designed by Yoda (another clue is that it comes in Yoda Green.) The 2.6-inch OLED screen has 240 x 400 resolution, there's a 2-megapixel camera, mobile TV tuner, micro SD card slot, 290 minutes talk time and 350 hours' standby. It comes in four colours for now &mdash the white and blue models in the pic will be out at a later date &mdash and I am so bored of the iPhone that I am going to make this my latest object of affection. [Impress]


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