Never-Before-Seen Gateway 30-Inch ExtremeHD Monitor Has HQV Processing, Gazillion Inputs

Gateway_ExtremeHD.jpgToday at the Gateway One press event, Gateway quietly revealed a potentially more exciting product, the 30-inch ExtremeHD 1600 monitor. It could very well be the only screen you ever need, because it takes everything from a VCR to a high-end gaming PC and upscales it all with HQV Realta technology to display on its 2560x1600 screen, so no special video card is required. (Gateway calls it 1600p.) Its got six different types of video inputs that you can use simultaneously: VGA, HDMI, DVI, component video, composite video and S-Video. And it can manage picture-in-picture—in high-def. Due out October 7 for somewhere in the range of $1,700, the monitor also acts as a 6-port USB hub. And yeah, in case you were wondering, it's a little warm to the touch.

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