Nepal Airlines Sacrifices Goats to Fix Plane—and It Works

goats-plane.jpgAfter a long series of technical problems with one of their two Boeing 757s, Nepal Airlines decided to sacrifice two goats in front of the plane in order to fix it. And guess what? It worked.It happened at Kathmandu airport, Nepal. The plane was refusing to start its engines before a flight to Hong Kong. At that point, senior officials of the state-run airline decided to sacrifice two goats to Akash Bhairab, who apparently is the Hindu god of sky protection.

They did it just in front of the plane, which has the symbol of that god painted on its fuselage and, according to them, it worked. The problems, which have been the cause of various delays and cancellations, were gone and the aircraft successfully completed its trip to Hong Kong.

Or so they say. Local media said the problem was really an electrical malfunction.

Note to self: take the bus to Nepal. [BBC]

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