Mustek SoccerCam Is Hard Not To Kick

SoccerCam.jpgThe instant I saw the Mustek SoccerCam, I wished I could press the shell closed and kick the thing across a room. While it is a perfectly functional 2-megapixel camera that costs just $40, I wished it were more, a shock-proof video camera that could record all the dizzying action in play, like the bowling-ball cam in The Big Lebowski. If I do ever get a review unit, I know I'll just end up punting the damn thing—so much for "hands on." (Jump if you want to read the press release.) [Mustek]

GOOOAAAAALLLL! Mustek SoccerCam Digital Still Camera Makes Perfect Gift For Sports Fans soccercam

IRVINE, CA, September 25, 2007 — The Mustek SoccerCam from Mustek is a full-featured digital camera built inside a protective soccerball shell that opens to reveal the camera. Its unique design makes it the ideal gift for soccer fans and athletes to show their passion towards their favourite sport.

And here's the kicker: the Mustek SoccerCam is currently available at for only $39.99 (U.S.).

With a 2.1 million pixel CMOS sensor, the Mustek SoccerCam is more than just a sports novelty - - it snaps high quality digital pictures with vibrant colours that are saved on standard SD and MMC storage cards. When more resolution is needed, users can select the high-resolution mode to increase the picture size to 3.5 megapixels, making it possible to enlarge photos while retaining sharpness and detail. To enhance the creative spirit, there are fun digital effects to alter photos, including black-and-white and sepia modes.

Engineered with Mustek's signature multi-functionality, the SoccerCam also operates as a digital camcorder, digital voice recorder, and webcam. In addition, there is a standard AV out to allow viewing of photos and video on a TV.

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