Motorola TLKR, No Vowels for Walkie-Talkies

NEWS-10101-69d359637334e6eac94b12307e642c02.jpgYou know Motorola is stepping up their game when they begin ripping the grammar-strained vowels from a product line. Take the TLKR, it's Motorola's new line of walkie-talkies meant to convey a sense of style while you are calling in for airstrikes on the cootie patrol. The first version will be the T3, offering eight channels, 20 hours of battery life and up to a three-mile range. Where was this technology 15 years ago?

The luxury T5 will offer 121 channels, 16 hours of battery life and 3.7 mile range. Plus the T5 will feature hands-free functionality (which, though funny, could be useful in certain survival situations). Though no prices have been announced at the moment, the T3 and T5 will be released in October when the walkie-talkie army is set to overthrow cellphones and the internet for global communications domination. [pocketlint]

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