Mitsubishi Jet Towel vs. Dyson Airblade Pre-Game Trash Talk and Tale of the Tape

Mitsu_v_Dyson.jpgIf you are wondering why we're engaged in a totally ridiculous Ultimate Hand-Dryer Battlemodo, it's because you asked for it. When we aired our interview with Dyson and the Airblade, some of you guys pounced on Dyson, "embarrased for having claimed to have invented the horizontal hand dryer only to discover the Japanese have had it for years," and so on. But last week, when we announced the Battlemodo, some Giz readers raised the Union Jack and sided with Sir James, due to your love of Dyson vacs. There's a lot of heat here, and yeah, we're fanning the flames with pre-game stats and the obligatory trash talk.Dryer_Battlemodo_chart.jpgNotice that the Dyson has a HEPA air filter but the Mitsubishi doesn't? Says the Dyson camp:

The Jet Towel draws the already filthy air through a basic gauze filter (designed to protect the motor) using the heating element stores unfiltered air at around 95°F (ideal temp for breeding bacterial) and then blows it out on your hands and back into the room. Even though you just washed your hands, the air from Jet Towel contaminates them all over again with warm bacteria laden air. It's a vicious cycle.

Ouch. Mitsu camp replies:

[The HEPA filter]clogs very quickly and when it does the air flow is dramatically reduced. Mitsubishi found this to be true when they experimented with HEPA filters long ago.

See that the Mitsubishi has a drain tank, but there isn't one on the Dyson? Mitsubishi camp says:

Because the Airblade has no drain tank (unlike the Jet Towel's drain tank which is easily emptied in about five seconds), when the filter runs out and has not been changed the bacteria is exhausted into the environment. Very unsanitary. [Also] water splashes out the sides of the unit and therefore drips down the side of the unit and onto the floor. You will probably notice this happens even after 5-10 uses. It does not happen with the Jet Towel. A serious sanitary issue.

Man, that's gotta hurt. Dyson camp counters:

Waste water stagnates in a collection tray mounted right above the storage heater, warming up and brewing bacteria.

The motor is another bone of contention. Mitsubishi camp argues:

The Dyson motor's lifespan is estimated at about 1/3 of the lifespan of the Jet Towel [we have ascertained that this is true] . If there is a problem with the Dyson motor, it is mechanically almost impossible to replace it. On the other hand the Jet Towel motor is modular and can be easily swapped out if needed (but has not happened in our experience).

Dyson camp replies:

Jet Towel's DC brushless motor is less efficient and not as powerful, therefore only generating a 200MPH airflow. [Mitsu claims even less at 180MPH.]

There's definitely a pissing contest happening here. All we have to do now is get a bunch of people to wash their hands, dry them off in both machines, and tell us how they feel. Stay tuned, dudes, cuz the Ultimate Hand-Dryer Battlemodo is heating up.


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