Microsoft Blue Monster Wine Reminds Us of BSOD

bluemonster.jpgMicrosoft's Blue Monster Reserve label is a wine expressly made for their employees and potential clients, allowing them to get hammered, but in a Microsoft way. We're not sure how getting drunk off our balls promotes innovation, which is their goal, but maybe we just weren't drunk enough. Microsoft drunk, if you will. How else do you explain Bob?

Their motto though, is a bit bombastic. Change the world or go home? Looks like they've all got some vacation time coming up. We kid, we kid. They really did change the world, seeing as most everyone who's used a computer has used Windows at least once. So good for you, Microsoft. I hope to get hammered on this thing the next time I'm up in Seattle. It just better not turn my piss blue. [Tech Crunch UK via Uber Review]

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