Microdot Squared Voice Activated Recorder Smallest Ever

microdotaudiorecorder_small.jpegThe Microdot recorder, which Joel over at BB and Nigel from RedFerret have pointed out to me, is supposedly the world's smallest digital audio recorder. It's about the size of the an index finger tip, or about the size of a piece of japanese chewing candy, if that gives any context at all. (it's 12x35x17mm) It's got 128MB of memory which is good for 18.6 hours of recording, in what I presume is monaural before needing to be data dumped by USB. There's voice activation, so you don't have to worry about deep sections of zero sound, and for about $500, you'd better be deadly serious about your stalking. [PiMall via RedFerret and BBG]

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