Meade's mySKY Shows Us Our Sky

myskypic.jpgIf you love the great big skies as much as we used to love the iPhone (oh, it hurts) then you may be interested in Meade's mySKY Personal Guide. The mySKY is a tool to aid you in all your galactic gazing; it contains 30,000 unique items it can identify up in the great spacious expanse, 500 audio descriptions to keep you well briefed and a built in GPS receiver to ensure you know exactly which Martian planet you are eyeing.

Retailing at $399.00, if you are serious about your astronomy game it does not seem to bad a deal. The gizmo itself is gadget funk and if the allure of increasing your knowledge base on all things planetary is not enough to convince you, how about the prospect of looking like a bad-ass, laser gun wielding, alien destroying, super secret agent? [Red Ferret]

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