Matty Lovo is a Hero (and PS3 Owner)

kgw.jpgMatty Lovo, the 9-year-old who singularly saved his passed-out dad's life behind the wheel of a tractor, said he deserved a PS3 for his heroic display on national television. And despite his outspoken nature, it's tough to disagree with the kid. Matty wasn't falling into the Brady Bunch episode trap, asking for a whole store's worth of toys. He just wanted a PS3. One toy. And probably an extra controller. And a game.

After his dad cheaped out (last time Matty will save his useless life), Sony stepped up to the plate and rewarded the boy with a PS3. And then Sony went to Lovo house, mowed Mr. Lovo's lawn, banged his wife and played catch with Matty. [gamingtarget via crunchgear]

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