Master Chief's Girl is Sexy, Shares Outfits With Master Chief

Mzmc.jpgDavid Johnson has created this striking, polymer clay figurine of Master Chief's girl. The artwork, titled Mz Master Chief, is one of a kind and is available by auction on eBay. At the time of writing, the price stands at $338 and we are sure it will fetch a little more yet. Usually, we would scoff at such a high price tag for a clay sex toy, but 10% of the proceeds are going to support the American Breast Cancer Foundation, so the higher the final price the better.


If anyone decides to donate this to Gizmodo, we can unreservedly assure you that we will not be throwing Mz MC off a balcony, though we may man handle the art work and tell you the ending to Halo 4 after we have charmed her into divulging the information. If you want more wet dream material, check out the full gallery over at eBay. [eBay via Kotaku]

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