Man Finishes 30-feet WWII German Battleship Model, Prepares to Invade Poland Soon

admiralgrafspeeterra01.jpgSpeaking of giant models, Maine-resident William Terra has spent 6 years completing this gigantic 1:20-scale model of a World War II German Panzerschiff, the Deutschland-class battleship Admiral Graf Spee. The 30-feet long, 700-pound model is built like a canoe and is capable of carrying two people on board.


According to Mr. Terra the model cost him $10,000 to build over six years, completely from scratch, "like a canoe using one- to four-inch bass wood strips and then covered with fiberglass."

As you can see from the pictures it also can move: the mini-Spee can travel at 15mph thanks to its 15hp outboard engine, which is located under the rear gun turret. It even has a built-in music system, in which he says he likes to listen to Wagner.

Mr. Terra also says that he would like other people to build models on the same scale, probably hoping that someone makes the HMS Exeter —the British cruiser that made the Graf Spee run for cover during the Battle of the River Plate— to fire paintballs at each other in the Bay of Fundy. [Ship Models via Spluch, Wikipedia]

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