Magellan Announces Seven New GPS Units

magellan-4200.jpg Like some sort of GPS-delivering Santa, Magellan has announced the upcoming release of seven new GPS units—all set to be available between September and October. In the 4200 series, the Maestro 4250—retailing for $500—offers integrated live traffic updates, a shiny, widescreen 4.3-inch display and Bluetooth capability, while the 4220 and 4200 models will cost slightly less but will lack features like the live traffic updates and voice control.

In the 3200 series, the Maestro 3250 is almost identical to the 4250, except it's $100 cheaper and has a smaller, non-widescreen 3.5-inch display. The other models—the 3200, 3210 and 3220—are off-shoots of the 3250, with the same screen and less features, depending on price. The only real change with the newly-released GPS units, aside from some minor added features, is their size, which, dropping down to .7 inches in thickness, is a direct result of vomiting profusely after every left turn. [GPS Review]

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