Logitech Releases Cordless Headset and Keyboard for PS3

5081.1.0.jpgPS3 fans will be happy with Logitech's new headset and keyboard. The Cordless Vantage headset and MediaBoard keyboard both have Bluetooth technology, and will be out Stateside in time for the Holidays. Prices and more info, plus a purdy picture of the piano-black keyboard, are after the jump.4732.1.0.jpgThe Cordless Vantage features native PS3 support, and has large-diameter audio drivers and advanced noise-filtering circuitry, which means top banana audio and sound playback. The rechargeable battery headset gives you 12 hours' gaming, and is ambidextrous, meaning you can wear it on either your right or left ear. There's also an adjustable noise-cancelling microphone to reduce background noise.

The Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard has a dedicated Menu button that gets you straight into the PlayStation Network Help menu, and there are dedicated circle, square, X and triangle buttons to make life easier. A built-in touch pad with vertical scrolling and Left- and Right-click buttons means no mouse is needed. You can use the keyboard up to 30 feet away from the PS3, and two AA batteries will give you more than 200 hours of battery life.

The headset and keyboard cost $79.99 each and will be available in the US in November and Europe the following month. [Logitech]

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