Lightning Round: nXZEN nX6000 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset (Verdict: Best Yet!)

nx60003.jpgThe Gadget: A Bluetooth noise canceling headset from nXZEN, a company whose strange fascination with the letters N and X belie the quality, size and performance of their headsets.

The Verdict: The nX6000 is a small, comfortable, and best of all, great sounding headset that blocks outgoing noise well but also gives you a really loud and clear incoming sound, which works great in noisy places.

The Catch:It actually fared better than the Aliph Jawbone, our previous choice for best-sounding headset for the price right now (left side on the photo below). Not only did the nX give a better and louder incoming sound for you to hear, the outgoing sound was pretty much on par between the two. And the nX6000 is smaller!

nx60001.jpgThe Price: $129

The Performance: As we said before, the noise cancellation is as good as the Jawbone's, allowing the person you're calling to only hear faint music when it's being played, loudly, in the background. It's also comfortable and secure, with both an ear loop and an in-ear bud to fasten it in place on your head.

nx60002.jpgThe Recommendation: If we had to choose between the nXZEN nX6000 and the Jawbone, we'd choose the nX6000. One of the main complaints we have with the Jawbone is its slightly soft incoming sound, which the nX addresses strongly. Very strongly.

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