Laser Combat Cars Emphasise Road Rage Aggression is for Winners

lasercrftr.jpgThe RC Laser Combat Cars are awesome; the handheld transmitter controls not only the movement of the vehicle, but also allows the car to fire an IR laser. The first player to administer ten accurate shots to the competitor's automobile is declared victorious.

If you like the idea of the Laser Combat Cars, but sadly have no friends, fret not! One of the devices can be set to AI mode, so you can compete with yourself all day. Much like that other solo activity you take part in, with alarming, daily regularity.The cars require six AA batteries, whilst the controllers use one 9V battery each. The set for two players, by Hammacher Schlemmer, costs $99.95 and will be ready to ship on 21st September 2007. We think all differences in the future should be settled in this manner—moronic world leaders; get your RC game on! [Product Page via Red Ferret]

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