Ladies' Facial Shaver Makes me Say "Whoaaa"

ferie_01.jpgThis, my friends, is National's Ferie facial shaver for ladies, available on Amazon Japan for around $30 bucks. It's got two interchangeable blades, one for trimming your eyebrows, the other for "downy hair" (as opposed to "uppy hair," I guess.) I don't see anything wrong with a quick pluck, so this is not one for me &mdash although I can think of some alternative uses for it:ferie_02.jpg1. Tagging TFSU on Jesus's chest while he sleeps. 2. Getting mediaeval on jumper fluff. 3. Trimming my bonsai lawn. 4. Intern Benny! 5. Creating a hair-don't for the dog. 6 @%*& &mdash no, that's just rude. [Impress through Google Translate]

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