Killacycle Inventor Crashes at Nextfest

killabike.jpgI forgot to tell this story. Apparently one exhibitor on an electric motorcycle took his ride out for a spin, and his throttle jammed. That's bad on any motorcycle cough*joebrown*cough but really bad on an electric drag racer with a zero to sixty time of 1 second. Creator Bill Dube hit a bus, possibly a school bus, but no one was inside. The guy? He's in the hospital, and his machine is in bits. Anyone know more or have photos/videos?

UPDATE: Dube actually hit a minivan. TG Daily even got a video of the whole thing. In an interview given to editor Humphrey Cheung, Dube claimed "More powerful than anything else, they last longer, they're safer than anything else out there". While the batteries may be safe, I'm not sure Dube can say the same about the rest of the bike. It is the world's fastest electric motorcycle, after all. But seriously, we hope he gets well soon. [TG Daily]

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