Kick-Ass Death Ray on the Way, Uses Antimatter

marvindaffy2.jpgThose mad scientists are at it again. David Cassidy and Allen Mills, a couple of propellerheads at the University of California, Riverside are using the stuff of science fiction, antimatter, to create gamma ray lasers they say could be a million times more powerful than the lasers we're using to watch Blu-ray discs. It's done by creating an atom called positronium that contains otherwise unstable antimatter particles that are the opposite of electrons, called positrons. This is where things start getting interesting, paving the way to a mofo laser.When you can magically combine two of those positronium suckers, you get a molecule that sounds like it's made by Sony, called PS2. When PS2 decays, that's when super-powerful bursts of those awesome gamma rays are released, capable of smacking down anything in sight. So this must be that all-powerful and dangerous ray gun running through science fiction stories for the past 100 years. Or is it more like a phaser? Either way, yeah, it's all working with positronium. We're not making this up. [NewScientistTech]

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