Kensington Rolls Out Modular SlimBlade Media Notebook Set and Four Sleek SlimBlade Mice

keyboard.jpg Kensington is launching a huge number of products today, starting with its SlimBlade mouse-and-keyboard line. The Media Notebook Set shown in the first gallery uses magnets to hold its individual components together, so you can organize them any way you want. The kit itself comes with number pad, Mac-and-Vista-friendly keyboard and mouse all for $129, and you can add the media remote for $19. The mice, shown in the annotated second gallery after the jump, range in price from $49 to $99 and perform some neat little tricks.


Below are shots I took of the SlimBlade mice, accompanied by their blurbs from the press materials. Keep a look out especially for the combo trackball mouse, which changes from a laser mouse to a stationary trackball in a quick double click.


I love the new lineup (and will test them soon). It's just the name that gives me pause. I like it, but in my head I hear Billy Bob Thorton saying, "Some folks call it a SlimBlade." Kinda makes me hungry for some French-fried pertaters.

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