Jaguar XF Gets Apple Designed Control Interface

XFto.jpgAccording to Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director, the revised XF shall boast a reworked control interface—reworked by Apple, no less. In an interview with CAR magazine, Mr Callum said, "We have been working with Apple on control interfaces." Assuming Mr. Callum did not forget to add "an" before "Apple" in that statement, it is safe to say there is little room for doubt.

At present not much is known about the system, dubbed JaguarDrive, besides two main features:

First, when the driver enters the car the start button will begin to pulsate, in true Apple style. Once the car is started, a selector will rise out of the main console. From the photo, it seems the selector will be involved in transmission control. Whether there will be a UI on the main console designed by Apple is not clear, but we are guessing they did not jump into bed with Jaguar only to be allowed to mess with the gears, (even if messing with gears in bed is dope). These murmurings in the automobile world are certainly giving precedence to earlier Apple/Volkswagen and Apple/Mercedes collaborations that have been speculated upon. All this is very exciting; just imagine what the new drive-through Mac Genius Bars will look like! [Autoblog] .

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