iRiver's First Siren Branded DAP

bigsiir.jpgiRiver are set to launch their first DAP under the Siren brand, which they procured earlier this year. The new model, the DP250, has obviously had strong influences from the iRiver team and sports a solid feature set too.

The player will have a paltry 400mW speaker built in, (given the size we will let them off), and an FM transmitter to allow you tunes to travel through slightly better speakers. Voice, line-in and FM radio recording are all also possible. The players will debut in black and white colours, retailing at $85 (1GB), or $120 (2GB). Expect the usual plethora of iRiver file support from this player. The inclusion of the recording and broadcasting features may make this worth the extra cash, but if you are in the field for a do it all player at a dirt-cheap price, the Sansa Clip is for you. [anythingbutipod] .

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